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Friday 14 August 2015

international oriented product development company in Thailand & China

product development thailand

This the website of Triple-c Ltd.  We are a leading and experienced prototyping and product development company in the Netherlands, Thailand ( Bangkok) and China, (Shanghai).
Our company develops useful, beautiful and innovative products.
Besides our design services our company manufacturers rapid prototypes, prototyping and supplies parts and fully developed and assembled products.

Design engineering and  development.

Every artifact is a product and a new product starts with an idea by an inventor or a corporation. One of the leading service bureaus that can assist you , when you have a  brilliant idea is Triple-c that stands for the China Creative Company in Shanghai. From scratch until the delivery of mass manufactured products, and all the design steps in between we can help you with the development of products.

Our experience:

We designed new to the world products for the maritime, medical and consumer industry
in cooperation with inventors, Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and large firms such as SC Johnson and Philips.
Examples of small enterprises  are SUNFX and StheB, Absolute USA .
It doesn't matter if you are a designer of a large- Forbes 500- corporation or a solo innovator we love to work with creative people..
Click hereunder on several examples of products and prototypes we have designed and or prototyped in china for our international customers.
E-mail:info@industrialdesignasia.com for design inquiries or for
rapid prototype inquiries info@prototypingchina.com

Projects we are working on :

We are currently assisting team Bagolf with the final design engineering and prototyping  that will be made in China and Holland.
Secondly we are in the concept develop phase of a new eco-sports bottle and a new LED lighting device for the mining industry.

3d rapid prototyping

After your new and innovative product design has been finished in 3d cad , these cadfiles can be exported to rapid prototyping systems:  A prototype is very useful to or for:
  1. Easy of communication with future suppliers for mass manufacturing, It is much easier to communicate with Asian or Chinese factories with the help of a real 3d prototype model than hundreds of emails or telephone-calls.
  2. Verify the product function, does your idea really work? do all the parts fit together and can be assembled?
  3. Tcheck market/ customer/ end user acceptance and general product radiation.
One of the most famous, helpful and reliable rapid prototype suppliers in China is " our sister company :China prototype Center  click here.  

plastic manufacturing: plastic parts injection molding and assembly

Together with our main manufacturing partners around Shanghai and Xiamen we make CNC machined, milled or turned aluminum, steel or plastic parts - such as ABS, POM, PP-for medium, low volume series or mass manufacturing.
Another specialization of our engineering team is designing molds and at our injection molding company china parts in China. Furthermore we can offer assembly and packaging services, such as blistering and carton boxes.


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Phone number

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