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About us

introduction of design and development company

About our company

Stageof-art is the new portfolio and informative website of Triple-c ( a.k.a. -C3-), which is a bunch of nomadic designers, that form an Industrial Design Company and Product Development firm based in the Netherlands, with subsidiaries in Thailand, Bangkok and Shanghai, China. We are a mix of Dutch and Thai Chinese product designers make products designs for a worldwide market. OUR main service is managing complex innovative design processes from market research until production or manufacturing

Our core competences are : brand and new product development from scratch untill mass or serie manufacturing, design engineering and high quality prototypes.


industrial design thailand of a electrical shaver

company info

triple-c ltd

Triple-c is registered in Hong Kong. Our main office is near Amsterdam in Utrecht; Furthermore the owners C.Voskuilen and Roger van der Linden have set up a Toy brand Lucotoys.com

MaiN company address: Rijksstraatweg 36
Phone number: +(31)30 6663976 ( The Netherlands)
Website: www.stageof.com - www.industrialdesignasia.com
E-mail: info@industrialdesignasia.com

Our experience

Know more about our past and delivered works , our competences and customers


  • 2012-future

    SUNFX Development , Design of tower sunsprayer

    for Sunfx , an Australian based customer we redesigned a new range of futuristic products, such as a tower and spraygun for a sun tanningsystem a mini tanning system and a small hand sprayer. We made real working prototypes for them

  • 2007-future

    Kidsnautique design engineering kids alarm

    for Kidsnautique a Dutch award winning innovative brand in the field of childs' safety we manufactured a baby chair for use in or on (sail)boats, we design engineered, protoyped a kids alarm and other accessoires

  • 2009-2011

    LUCOTOYS Brand and product development

    Lucotoys is set up by our own designers, and parents aswell. BY Observing our own kids' play we discovered new opportunities for ( wooden) connecting bricks. With this new wooden block system we changed the world of toys and specifically construction or building bricks. The design is patended in Europe and selling well in UK and mainland EUorpe. We set up th enrand, website , sales channels, mareking packaging, product developement ( all financed by ourselves) . Needless to say this is an eco-designed product.


  • 2015

    Idea generating SC Johnson

    For SC Johnson ( Shanghai research center) we developed new innovative concepts for an outdated packaging from their RAID brand, besides idea generating we made real woking prootypes functional for them

  • 2005-2014

    design engineering Philips

    Design engineering of shavers in 3d cad with NX for Philips electronics

  • 2013-2014

    design and prototyping BaGolf

    BaGolf invented Gbag a French innovative high end golfbag, we created with the inventor design 3 and 2cad drafts and a real working prototype for their exhibition all in a short time

Other & SKILLS

3d cad
product rendering
2d drafs


My latest projects

Friday 14 August 2015

international oriented product development company in Thailand & China

product development thailand

This the website of Triple-c Ltd.  We are a leading and experienced prototyping and product development company in the Netherlands, Thailand ( Bangkok) and China, (Shanghai).
Our company develops useful, beautiful and innovative products.
Besides our design services our company manufacturers rapid prototypes, prototyping and supplies parts and fully developed and assembled products.

Design engineering and  development.

Every artifact is a product and a new product starts with an idea by an inventor or a corporation. One of the leading service bureaus that can assist you , when you have a  brilliant idea is Triple-c that stands for the China Creative Company in Shanghai. From scratch until the delivery of mass manufactured products, and all the design steps in between we can help you with the development of products.

Our experience:

We designed new to the world products for the maritime, medical and consumer industry
in cooperation with inventors, Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and large firms such as SC Johnson and Philips.
Examples of small enterprises  are SUNFX and StheB, Absolute USA .
It doesn't matter if you are a designer of a large- Forbes 500- corporation or a solo innovator we love to work with creative people..
Click hereunder on several examples of products and prototypes we have designed and or prototyped in china for our international customers.
E-mail:info@industrialdesignasia.com for design inquiries or for
rapid prototype inquiries info@prototypingchina.com

Projects we are working on :

We are currently assisting team Bagolf with the final design engineering and prototyping  that will be made in China and Holland.
Secondly we are in the concept develop phase of a new eco-sports bottle and a new LED lighting device for the mining industry.

3d rapid prototyping

After your new and innovative product design has been finished in 3d cad , these cadfiles can be exported to rapid prototyping systems:  A prototype is very useful to or for:
  1. Easy of communication with future suppliers for mass manufacturing, It is much easier to communicate with Asian or Chinese factories with the help of a real 3d prototype model than hundreds of emails or telephone-calls.
  2. Verify the product function, does your idea really work? do all the parts fit together and can be assembled?
  3. Tcheck market/ customer/ end user acceptance and general product radiation.
One of the most famous, helpful and reliable rapid prototype suppliers in China is " our sister company :China prototype Center  click here.  

plastic manufacturing: plastic parts injection molding and assembly

Together with our main manufacturing partners around Shanghai and Xiamen we make CNC machined, milled or turned aluminum, steel or plastic parts - such as ABS, POM, PP-for medium, low volume series or mass manufacturing.
Another specialization of our engineering team is designing molds and at our injection molding company china parts in China. Furthermore we can offer assembly and packaging services, such as blistering and carton boxes.


What can I do


Do You have an idea but no clue how to develop this in to the next step? our company has expereince in branding and marketing your idea/process

product Development design

This is what we are made for and what we have studied for: product design development we love to make your idea's alife! If you donnot have a product - idea or invention but yor revenues are slowing we will make a fit one ! ( We have several worldwide patents already) . By using a worldclass 4 steps design process we assiss your company step by step trought this innovativie process

Packaging Design

Every cool new inventive products need to have a nice, hip and trendy packging. Your potential customers decide sometimes in a split second about their purchasing. A packaging needs to be attaractive, ecofreindly and have a outstnding radiation. If neede our speciliast will help you in the process of designing and innovative and eco friendly packaging designs


We use prototypes during the entire product development process, if it is a clay or foam model in our first stage or 3d printed or cnc machined rapid prototypes or mock ups. We think it is utter important to touch and feel and get an idea of the product's radiation and ease of assembly. Also for trade shows our prototype models are very impressive!

Photography Movie

movie making and photography: when promoting a new product it is imported to show the world and to impress your future audience, social media is an quick enabler to show your idea's , we can help making nice and short movies and pictures. ( one of our staffmembers studied moviemaking and producing .


Once your product has been prototyped and revised we can make manufacturer your product or invention. We have partnered up with several injection mold and assemby partners in and around Shanghai and one in the Pearl river Delta , after and we have done a thorough Quality Control ( QC) by our own local staf members, we can-last but not least help you with exporting an dimporting your assembled products into your own country, wehave impoterd into USA, Europe and Australia. With our logistics partners we have more than 10 years expereince in logistics services and exporting our own products and prototypes


Get in touch with me


36 rijksstraatweg 36 THE Netherlands

Phone number

+(31) 30 6663976